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Inaugural Augusta Book Swap

Saturday, June 3, 2023 - 9 am - Noon
Augusta University, Summerville Campus, Jaguar Student Activities Center Field

detailed directions

Bring books (or not). Take books (or not). It's that simple!

If you do want to make it a little more complicated, only bring books which you might like somebody to gift to you or people you know:

  • Good condition

  • For non-fiction, up-to-date information

Would your organization or business like to join other participating organizations by promoting the event, gathering books or having a table at the event where attendees could learn about what it does? Submit this application form.

Help us spread the word! Take pictures of the books you intend to bring and post the photos to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #AGSBookSwap. If you are looking for a particular book, tell people what your'e looking for using the same hashtag.

Inclement Weather Policy: If the weather is bad, the event organizers have a space reserved in the Jaguar Student Activities Center.

For more information or to volunteer to help out, contact us.

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