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About Columbia County Advocates for Public Education

In November 2022, residents of Columbia County, Georgia formed Columbia County Advocates for Public Education (CCAPE). CCAPE calls for a recommitment to the broadest, most ambitious vision of public education as a cornerstone of a democratic society committed to its people’s welfare.


Public education helps all children achieve and contribute positively to a diverse and interdependent world, regardless of family income, housing status, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration status or disability. Aside from the benefits students obtain, all residents of our nation benefit from the civic virtues of cooperation and mutual respect public schools model.

Public schools need abundant resources and their employees should be compensated commensurate with the importance of their mission. In addition, the employees, be they administrators, teachers, bus drivers, custodians or cafeteria workers, need safe working conditions. Teachers in particular need autonomy to practice their craft joyfully and customize their approach to match their pupils’ requirements.

Some seek to subvert public education into a vehicle to promote a narrow, sectarian, ethno-nationalist agenda. Others view all public services and government employees as obstacles to their goal of replacing democracy with rule by the wealthy. CCAPE calls on our neighbors in Columbia County to join us in defense of this vital institution, the children it serves and the democratic society it creates.

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